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About us

We are a design studio with a passion for creating, building and growing brands. Red Mason founded in 2002 by two designers who left a London Design Agency to start up a new and exciting agency in Surrey, grown to 6 fold since then, we offer a diverse range of services to our clients from logo design, websites printed material to signage.  We offer our clients something different and this difference helps them stand out from their competitors.

Red Mason is considered an "Incubator Hub" initiative of creative talent. 
Contact us to find out more telephone: 01883 734 871


Creative Exports

Our company is part of Creative Ambassadors Partnership (Alan Whitlock is one of the founders). 
Creative Ambassadors promotes British Creative Industry to the ASEAN market in partnership with regional development agencies. British creative industries, its worth 10 Billion a year to the UK economy. We travel the globe banging the drum for UK exports and will carry on doing so. 

Red Mason is keen to keep it local but loves to promote internationally

Red Mason was invited to Lancaster House by the Department for International Trade to celebrate its exports in 2017



We believe in the power of creativity to connect through culture and to drive business results. Our work has always stood out for its contemporary style and creative impact.