Why work with Red Mason?
We are not like large, traditional digital design agencies, because working with Red Mason means you meet and work with the people who actually do the work for you and your comapny. Direct contact with Red Mason's designers means ideas flow more freely, and we don’t fit projects into pre-determined boxes, we create bespoke teams around your project.

Whats Red Mason's background?
We are a graphic, web and signage design company based in Oxted Surrey founded in 2007 by three designers who left a London design agency to start up a new and exciting agency. We have grown and now offer a diverse range of services to our clients both small and large. We work with a lot of companies starting up and also established companies that need a refresh. Red Mason is considered an 'Incubator Hub' initiative of creative talent.

What services do we offer our lovely clients?
Graphic design, digital design, signage design, website design and marketing.


We have particular talent for stripping away the unnecessary and drawing out the essential.

Why not give us a call drop us an email and perhaps we can meet up for a coffee and a chat.