Exciting news about a new project

Very pleased to announce today we will be working with Creative Colony designing their new website which will enhance and expand their presence online to a much wider audience. We have followed the amazing work this company has been doing and it is an honor to be at last working with them.

Creative Colony is a great company that does amazing for business and the community and we are very thrilled to be working on this project with them. Alan Whitlock - Red Mason June 2017

The Creative Colony is a team of young creatives who can take control of all your outsourced visual marketing needs. Our core services include film, photography and design and we also have our own film academy, allowing us to teach the next generation of young people the practical skills required to work in industry. Our dedicated team will bring a unique blend of creativity, professionalism and youthfulness and we offer a very flexible service, allowing us to more than meet the needs of the most challenging projects.

The Annual Business Forum for the Gatwick Diamond

Red Mason was invited to attend the Annual Business Forum for the Gatwick Diamond where over 200 leaders from the public and private sector came together for the annual Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum to identify and discuss opportunities, debate threats and celebrate success in the £22.3 billion Gatwick Diamond economy. Despite the all changes happening the out look looks good for our region.

Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Bad & Bold! Retro graphics very good. #graphics 


Admirals arms lovely use of simple colours and bold graphics could very well work today! #admira lsarms